Medikal Pays His Respects To The Highest, Sarkodie

Sarkodie has said that he is the one in the Ghana music industry and his friends and colleagues do not dispute it and are actually giving him the reverence one would attribute to the ‘One’

Paying his respects and sending his gratitude to the one, Medikal has has only appellations about the magnanimity of Sarkodie and how he brought him out of the woods into the spotlight in 2015 and since then his life has never been the same.

Medikal who is now himself a big boy in the music industry has not forgotten with whom it all started and through whom he is able to live the life of dreams. He therefore paid obeisance to ‘The One’ in the whole of the Ghana music industry.

He tweeted, “Bigup Sarkodie for that verse you gave me on confirm! It changed everything from 2015! You didn’t charge a penny. God bless you and your house hold! Tracy, Titi and MJ go forever chop blessings! Angelo too”

Sarkodie has been ridiculed time and again for being supposedly stingy and not giving back as much as he has made through music but it is very clear now that Sarkodie chooses to do good without the cameras or talking about the good he does himself.

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