Nicole Young Walks Out Of Marriage With Dr. Dre With $100 Million In Divorce Settlement

Dr. Dre has finally agreed though begrudgingly, to pay $100 million as divorce settlement to settle his divorce from Nicole Young following their bitter tussle in court.

The terms in the divorce settlement as that the rap legend will pay $50 million upfront and the other half in a year according to reports from TMZ.

Dr Dre, born Andre Young, may as well count himself lucky as he gets to keep seven of the properties he and Nicole owned, which includes a $100 million Brentwood estate, two mansions in Calabasas, a property in Malibu and four other mansions spread around Los Angeles.

He also gets to exercise 100% control over his master recordings, trademarks and interests in financial partnerships and trusts. He also keeps ownership of their stocks in Apple.

They share 10 vehicles, with Dr. Dre walking away with six while Nicole gets four. She however gets to keep all the jewellery, cash and bank accounts she used during their marriage. She is expected to pay her own legal fees however which is said to run into millions of dollars.

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