Victoria Lebene Blasts Mr. Drew For Walking Out On His Fans

Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Victoria Lebene has questioned the sanity and thinking capacity of Mr. Drew after reports emerged he staged a walk out on his own fans during his performance at the WILDALAND festival.

Victoria Lebene who was herself present at the festival has asked questions of Mr. Drew’s maturity and went on to give his performance on the night low ratings with the only highlight being when he walked out on his fans.

“The machine failed you, but what happens to your stagecraft, composure, manners and even your talented vocals? We are mad at you this is the message if no one has told you that yet I am doing that here on behalf of the people that drove extra miles to witness your crap! So disappointed in you,” she stated.

She labelled Mr. Drew’s actions as immature and disappointing and urged him to show humility when dealing with fans as they can either make or break him

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