Chelsea Records £145.6m Loss Despite Champions League Triumph

Defending champions of the champions League, Chelsea have announced an annual loss of £145.6m for the year despite emerging champions of the 2021 champions league season.

The England club was crowned Kings of Europe in May following their 1-0 triumph over fellow English rivals Manchester City in the Champions League final in Porto, Portugal.

Despite their turnover rising from £387.8 million to £416.8 million by virtue of increased broadcasting revenue, the club has announced that they still made losses after playing majority of last seasons matches behind closed doors without football fans due to Covid-19

Chelsea have no need to worry however as they continue to be backed financially by Fordstam Limited, a company owned by their rich billionaire Russian owner, with their accounts asserting that, “the company is reliant on Fordstam Limited for its continued financial support”.

The Blues added that under a “severe but plausible downside scenario of football being played behind closed doors in December 2021 and January 2022” it will rely on additional financial support from Chelsea FC PLC, with even more additional financial support needed if the financial impact of COVID-19 proved to be worse than predicted.

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