There Is No Ghana Or Nigeria, We Are All Human Beings – Omar Sterling

Omar Sterling a member of the icon duo R2bees has made comments about the division in the Ghana and Music industries that the likes of Mandela would be very proud of.

Wading into the friction between the two industries over comments made by Shatta Wale, Omar Sterling has observed that we are looking at the picture wrong as there is no Ghana or Nigeria but just humanity and so that notion of Ghana and Nigeria is just an illusion.

His comments come at the back of comments made by Shatta Wale during his Freedomwave concert where he asserted that Nigerians have long been the only beneficiaries of the collaboration between the two music industries, a comment that has since caused a lot of exchange of words on social media between the two music industries.

It is therefore refreshing to observe that there is someone out there who views things different and focuses on the mother set rather than the subset. And in furtherance of his comments it would appear he is living by it as R2bees received Wizkid yesterday during the Music and Friends Concert as he joined them on stage to offer his love and support.

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