Biennial World Cup Would Destroy Women’s Football – UEFA President

Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin has raised concerns against FIFA’s plans to stage a biennial world cup, noting that women’s tournament or Olympics would suffer if held in the same year as the World Cup finals.

The European Football Governing body and the South American football governing body have both expressed their opposition to staging a biennial World Cup but FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, who is blinded by the monetary gains has said that such a move could help raise an extra $4.4 billion in revenues.

“Europe and South America are against (the plan) and those are the only (continents with) World Cup winners in history. The problem is that the World Cup has to be every four years to be interesting,” Ceferin said at the Expo 2020 Dubai fair.

“Second, if it would be every two years, it would cannibalise women’s football because it would be at the same year as the women’s football (World Cup), other sports, the Olympic Games – many mistakes.

“It’s simply a bad idea and it will not happen because it is a bad idea, not because we are opposing it.”

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