I Did My Investigations And Found Out Menzgold Was A Ponzi Scheme – Manifest

Ghanaian rapper Manifest has revealed how through due diligence he made realised Menzgold was a ponzi scheme and saved him from falling prey to the antics of the company like many people did.

According to Manifest it was rather easily to detect the company was a fake but noted that due to the desire of many to get rich quick, they were blinded by all the red flags.

“I knew what that thing was, it wasn’t rocket science… Ghana can be a difficult place so everybody is always looking for a come up, an easy come up, something to change your whole entire destiny. So I think that sometimes there’s a need for people to believe in something they should not believe in,” the rapper told the host on ‘One on One’, Bridget Otoo.

He added that he does due diligence on everything bordering on his life and for that matter it is very unlikely for him to fall for such schemes.

“There was going to be under no circumstance which I was gonna be involved in a situation like that.”

He explained: “I do my due diligence for everything. Yesterday, I received this email from somebody saying all those things because they want something from you so you have to do your due diligence. A lot of stuff is ignored a goes straight into spam.”

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