Snoop Dogg Takes Legal Action Against Companies Selling His Festive Season Merchandise Illegally

Legendary United States rapper, Snoop Dogg has revealed his intention to sue companies which go around using his image to make their own version of the traditional “Elf on the Shelf” dolls for sale.

Snoop Dogg took to his official twitter handle to make known his intention to sue after coming across the Snoop on the Stoop” dolls.

In a tweet sighted by, Snoop Dogg disassociated himself from the festive season merchandise, insisting he had no prior knowledge in the making or sales of the toys.

“I have no connection to the SNOOP ON A STOOP product and will be taking legal action against those making it and whoever is selling it,” Snoop tweeted.

Following Snoop’s threat to sue, one company has pulled down their promotional sales online and has recalled their products from the market.

A representative of the company in question, Chris Milnes, revealed they have everything online.

“I was contacted by Snoop’s lawyers and immediately removed all Snoop references from my website within a day,” Milnes is reported to have said.

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