Challenge Accepted: Shatta Wale Ready For 1 On 1 Musical Battle With Burna Boy

2022 is like the gods that give with their right hand and take with their left hand. As it drops bad news to break our hearts, it in that same vain and energy provides as with entertainment to wipe away our tears before their mark become permanent.

After the heartbreaking news of Sarkodie planning his retirement, it is now time for some fun and laughter as our very own dancehall king, Shatta Wale has accepted Nigerian Grammy Award winner, Burna Boy’s challenge to a one on one battle.

Earlier yesterday, Burna boy came out condemning Shatta Wale for comments he said promotes African disunity and called him out to a 1 on 1 challenge, a challenge Shatta Wale has duly accepted but quick to note that it will be a challenge of lyrical acuity and not a fist fight as Burna Boy called for.

Shatta Wale took to the bird app, twitter to make his acceptance of the challenge official, using the opportunity to lay down his terms and conditions to do battle and also naming the Accra Sports Stadium as the venue to do battle as he is very keen on his home advantage.

His tweet read, “I double dare you @burnaboy , Infact I 10x dare you ….This no be fight just lyrical ….Like you go stop sing !!!! #lyricalchampion Don’t let anyone tell you I want to use you for hype cuz u no money hasn’t been a problem from day 1 I met you ! Don’t forget yourself so soon!

Oh @burnaboy says he want a 1 on 1 ..ok let’s do this Accra sports stadium ..I just call shots”

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