Medikal Caught Lying About His Age; Social Media Shows Him His Birth Certificate

Be careful what you say on social media is all the advise I have for my lovely viewers this New Year, 2022, something Medikal could use with after having himself shamed for comments he said in the past concerning his age.

Recently Medikal came out to gloat about his achievements so far and to put his naysayers in their place who go around speaking ill of his rap skills

In a tweet, the controversial rapper disclosed that he had succeeded in putting up 7 seven mansions and more were in the pipeline and so will keep on with his rap game even though he is mostly criticized for not being good at it.

He further went on to reveal that he has been able to achieve all this at the young age of 27 adding that his future is already secured.

“You go fi criticise me, laugh at my style, say I shaa but I’m on my 7th house in Aburi ! And I’m only 27 ! I hope say we go chop 50 then you de fi pay your wifi bills tweet @ me 😂,” he shared in one of the many tweets.

Well social media police went straight to work after his comments and unearth comments made the rapper in the 2017, when he claimed he was 25 and 5 years later he claims he has added only 2 years to his age in that period.

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