Sarkodie Announces Retirement Date From Music

2022 just started not long ago and it is already threatening to be a long year of heartbreaks as one of Ghana’s very best musicians, Sarkodie, has sent a rather very sad note talking about him stopping music.

His sad message was in response to a die-hard fan who begged the rapper to drop a new song to usher his fans into the new year 2022.

In response to the fans request, Sarkodie rather chose to break the hearts of the fan and many Ghanaians alike, revealing that he is putting plans in place to say goodbye to music.

The fan wrote, “OBIDI, 2022 wob3ma y3n new music to start off the year right Anaa?”, which means, Sarkodie will you be giving as a new song to the 2022 right or? to which Sarkodie’s reply was, “Me b3 gyae Nyomto) no”, meaning, I am coming to stop making music.

Sarkodie left many questions unanswered as as he failed to give more details on his unexpected decision to retire as far as music is concerned with some optimist consoling themselves with the slim chance that he could be joking

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