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Blackberry To Stop Supporting Its Classic Smartphones

Blackberry made an official announcement on Thursday, December 30, 2020, that it will stop supporting its smartphones running on Blackberry OS, 7.1 OS, PlayBook OS 2.1 series and Blackberry 10.

Before the rise of iphone and Android smartphones, Blackberry used to dominate the market as a popular phone brand but its dominance has staled over the years with the company’s power slowly decreasing in the smartphone industry. The phone making company has therefore announced that it will take support off all its classic smartphone models.

The tech giants also warned its users that it will stop updating these software’s so that the carrier or Wi-Fi of these devices can still function. It is however reported that basic functions such as calls, cellular data, SMS, emergency calls on these smartphones may stop. The tech giants will official take support off these models from January 4, 2022.

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