Romelu Lukaku Adds Inter Milan To His Facebook Bio

Things fall apart is the perfect description of what is happening to Romelu Lukaku’s Chelsea career at Stamford Bridge.

After granting an interview and pouring his heart out at how much he misses his fomer club Inter Milan and how he wishes to go back and as a result having his name dropped from the Chelsea squad that defended Stamford Bridge against Liverpool’s red army, the big Belgian striker it would appear has not learned his lesson, or he just does not care anymore.

One would have thought that after having name his name dropped from today’s match day squad, the Belgian would sober down and realize that his actions are not helping his club in the title chase. But no, he continued with his mischievousness,which will surely infuriate his coach even further.

As his club wrestled a draw after going 2-0 down to Liverpool in their visit to the Bridge in less than 30 minutes, Lukaku went around flirting with Inter Milan as he updated his facebook bio, adding Inter Milan to his bio.

That sends a wrong signal at where the striker’s loyalties lie and Chelsea would do well to cut their losses and sell him off before he destroys the team balance and peace with his shenanigans.

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