Shatta Wale And Burna Boy Wash Their Dirty Linen Online, Expose Each others Secrets

The tension between Burna boy and Shatta Wale is reaching fever pitch with both after each other on social media.

Burna boy is on record to have called Shatta Wale out for a 1 on 1 showdown, which Shatta Wale duly accepted today but insisting it be a musical fight and not a fist fight and that the venue be the Accra Sports Stadium.

But accepting Burna boy’s challenge is just not cutting it for Shatta Wale as he cannot wait to take him on and has therefore gone on a rampage on social media spilling Burna boy’s secrets in his craze.

Shatta Wale in his rampage has leveled some rather interesting accusation against the Nigerian Grammy Award winner claiming that Burna boy borrowed a Richard Millie from biggie and what have you.

He tweeted, “The richard Millie you come borrow from biggie, did u buy it yourself…Burna toy, how much kwraaa u get…when I showed you my houses in ghana, you were asking if it was music money, kwasiaaa boy like u.”

Adding that fame has really gotten into his head as he now feels he is a big boy and going around biting the hand that once fed him.

“You lucky I respect your mother like ago say your mother waaaa…see what fame do you…Your boy Shalala know how much I spent on you for 7months”

But knowing Burna boy, he is not someone to take all of Shatta Wale’s shenanigans lying down and has come out all guns blazing leaving everyone running helter skelter for cover.

He has come out with a response to Shatta Wale’s claims that he fed him and that he borrowed a Richard Millie from Biggie, revealing that he is richer than Shatta Wale and his entire family put together.

A lot of unprintable stuff was also said but Standupgh being a friendly site, those words cannot be put here.

You can however go to Burna boy’s instagram page @burnaboygram to have an uncensored look at the exact words he sent flying at Shatta Wale.

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