You Will Consider Yourself Blessed To Be A Ghanaian When You Travel To Other Countries – Bawumia

The Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia spent his New Year’s eve with the Christian community, visiting three churches within the Greater Kumasi Metropolitan Area in the Ashanti Region.

This very act would mark the second consecutive time the Vice-President has done that, joining watch night church services in Kumasi, though it is prudent to note that his church visitation can be traced as far back as to his times in opposition.

He was not alone as his wife and second lady, the ever beautiful Samira Bawumia was by his side in addition to high level entourage which consisted of Ministers of State, Deputy Ministers, Members of Parliament, District Chief Executives and Party Executives as they move from church to church preaching peace and religious tolerance.

In addressing the congregation, the Vice-President noted that we have for a long time taken for granted the level of peace we enjoy in the country as the same cannot be said for many African countries.

“We have a very special country; this country Ghana. Sometimes we take it for granted; Until you go to other countries you don’t know how blessed we are as a country. We are a peaceful country; We are the second most peaceful country in Africa and also the most peaceful in West Africa,” he said during an address to the congregation at the church of Pentecoast.

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