Chiefs Must Share In The Blame For Ghana’s Failure – Dormaahene

Dormaahene Osagyefo Osaedeyo Agyemang Badu has called out his collegue chiefs for the role they have played in Ghana’s failure as a nation.

He is of the believe that it is very easy to blame politicians for the country’s failures but it is not the entire truth as chiefs must share in the blame at how behind the country has fallen.

Noting that if chiefs were to really serve their purpose and fulfill their responsibilities as traditional rulers, Ghana would be in a far positive position as we find ourselves today.

“We should not blame only Nana Akufo-Addo and his Ministers for the state of the country because we are also part. We sell lands in our communities and keep the monies to ourselves and not use it for the needed development.”

He added that it is high time chiefs realize the importance of the role they play in nation building and act according.

“If there are resources at your disposal but it’s not being used for the good of the people and there is someone to criticize you for not helping with the development of your community, has the person committed a crime?”, he questioned the audience.

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