Fela Kuti Did 10x Worse Than Shatta Wale Is Doing – Rex Omar

Veteran musician and President of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), Rex Omar has added his voice to the ongoing controversy surrounding Shatta Wale, noting that he should not be blamed for fighting against a flawed system.

According to Rex Omar, the system has been rigged to fight new artistes and even established artistes and for that reason artistes are forced to grow tough skins to survive in the industry.

“Growing up, I was like Shatta and everyone around that time can tell so I’ll be the last person to blame him in most cases. For some reason, our industry is structured such that the country fights every budding artist, especially the media. It always wants to determine your destiny and that is borne out of pure envy. The system believes it rather makes you and so you’re nobody without them. ”

“Artists are driven by emotions and Shatta is eccentric. Until you separate his personality from his artistic nature, you’ll always jump to blame him. He’s not 100% just like every human being. Remember Fela? He did 10 times worse than some of the things Shatta does but Fela is still who is,” Rex Omar explained further.

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