Majority Leader Calls On Parliamentarians To Show Unity In 2022

The majority leader in parliament, Osei Kyei-Menah Bonsu has called on all parliamentarians to use the break to reflect on their actions and to understand that they are better off united than divided.

In an interview on Joy FM’s Super Morning show on Monday, sighted by, Osei Kyei-Mensah Bonsu used the opportunity to urge parliamentarians to put their differences aside and work for Ghana and its people.

He observed that the 8th parliament did not start on a good note in 2021 and did not end on a good note either and they must all work together that the drama witnessed in 2021 does not repeat itself in 2022

“In Parliament, in particular, we did not begin on a good note in 2021, and unfortunately when we thought that we will be ending on a good note, we didn’t and it’s all traceable to misunderstanding,” he said.

“At the heart of the understanding is the possession of the law, our understanding of the law and I think that if we [parliamentarians] allow the law … affection for one another to band us together, we will come to some determination that we are addendum,” he said.

He added, “I hope and pray that this New Year will declare us, would pressure us into a new plateau which then would afford us the development that all of us wish for this country.”

“The birth of Jesus Christ represents the era of God’s reconciliation with man and the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ, which ushers us in the New Year. Therefore, my prayer and my pleas and indeed my wish is that all of us, as individuals and collective do serious introspection.

“We have fallen out even with ourselves, we have fallen out within in our nuclear families with one another, within our community, within the churches that we worship, the mosques, within the political parties and across to members of other political parties,” he stressed.

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