Ogidi Brown Laments Losing Girl Because Of Fan

Ogidi Brown in a rather hilarious video has shared with us how he lost a possible girlfriend due to pressure from an incessant fan.

Narrating how it all happened, the Ghanaian musician revealed how he attended a party organized by the minister of enjoyment himself, D-Black, only to meet a goddess walking amongst men.

In describing the lady, Ogidi revealed she had a skin color that looked like she bathe in milk and honey and that thought the venue was dimly lit, her beauty radiated and filled the darkness.

Mustering courage to approach the lady, and just when he was about to engage the lady and see where it would lead, an over exuberant fan came charging into their ‘love arena’, and even upon telling the fan he was currently engaged and would get back to him, the fan continued to invade their privacy.

In narrating his story, Brown noted that the lady was in a hurry as she had earlier told him that she had called for an uber and the driver had given her 1 minute tops, that if she did not show he would drive off and leave her behind.

In dealing with the incessant fan, Brown turned his head to the lady only to be met by her absence and has still not been able to forget the said lady, therefore coming out to lament how some fans disturb them so much and invade their privacy as musicians that they sometimes miss out on big opportunities.


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