Twene Jonas Proves He Is A Big Boy; Makes Over $25 Million In 2021

2021 has ended and people are still recounting their successes of the year past and loud mouthed United States based Ghanaian vlogger, Twene Jonas, in keeping up with the trend has sent his naysayers running for cover after revealing he made in excess of $25 million in 2021

Twene Jonas shot into prominence this year after becoming somewhat of a social media commentator on the bad governance in Africa, focusing on his home country Ghana, calling out our leaders for their bad decisions and policies and a video sighted by Stanupgh shows that Twene Jonas for his hard work throughout the year made a whooping $25 million.

In the video, Twene Jonas gloated about making over $25 million and to ensure that there were no doubters left, the vlogger gave fans a view of his bank account it truly held over $25 million.

And staying true to character, he noted that he made all that money by doing away with unnecessary prayers and going out there to work hard, entreating us back home to follow suit and stop following men God around for grace.

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