Keep Your Marriages Out Of Social Media – Princess Shyngle

For someone who has had quite experience in quite a few failed marriages, Ghanaian-Gabonese actress and socialite, Princess Shyngle could be considered as some kind of authority in what makes or breaks a marriage.

She got married in January 2021 to her childhood friend and long-time crush, Bala Gaye, and the two got divorced in the same year, April 10, 2021

According to the actress her failed marriages can all be traced to one root problem, social media, noting that her inability to keep her personal life off social media is the reason behind her failed marriages. She is there sending out a word of caution to the young and newly wedded or soon to be wedded ladies out there to keep their marriages of social media.

“Keep your marriage out of social media, it’s one of the main reasons that f*cked my marriage, so I am telling this for a fact,” she emphasized.

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