Burna Who? Former British Ambassador To Ghana, Jon Benjamin Throws Support To Shatta Wale As He Insist He Does Not Know Burna Boy

Odogwu (Burna boy) must be seething with range after former British Ambassador to Ghana, now British Ambassador to Mexico, Jon Benjamin has given him the ultimate troll after adding his thoughts into the ongoing misunderstanding between the Nigerian and Shatta Wale.

Jon Benjamin who is arguably one of the best British Ambassadors to Ghana we have ever had to well known for his love social media banter during his time in Ghana and has now had his say of the current controversy surrounding the two African music giants.

Shatta Wale and Burna boy have been having a go at each other on social media for days after the former pointed accusatory fingers at the Nigerian music industry.

A fan tagged the now, British Ambassador to Mexico, Jon Benjamin, if he is following the ongoing feud between the two African music giants and asked for his submission on the issue.

And staying true to character, Jon Benjamin did most Jon Benjamin thing ever by asking, “Burna who?”, signifying that he does not know who the Nigerian Grammy Award winner is, then going on to tag Shatta Wale and wishing him a Happy New Year.

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