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Checkout Davido’s Hilarious Reaction When A Pangolin Was Placed On His Hand

Davido may have a heart the size of a thousand men, as he is known for his generosity and charity works, but for all its size, it is still quite a fragile thing and still easily gets scared as the Nigerian music star has shown quite a number of times.

Davido had the misfortune of coming across a group of animal handlers at a public event he attended and his misfortune soon turned to dread as he had to act brave as a Pangolin was placed on his hand.

Act brave he tried but his heart gave away the movement the animal started to climb up his shoulder, as the Davido could no more hide his discomfort and began to fidget and it was almost a miracle that the musician did not take off.


The very first time Davido’s fragile heart was brought to our attention was when Ghanaian artistes Darkovibes pointed out that the Nigerian was overtaken by fright during the shooting of their Je’mappelle video when the Nigerian musician had to be lifted by a group of strong men atop a palaquin in one of the scenes.

There is no shame in being afraid however as it is only in the presence of fear that a man can prove himself brave, and Davido passed the test in both occasions.

In other news, Nigerian popular skit maker, Mr. Macaroni has revealed that Davido’s father bought him his first ever laptop when he gained admission into the University.

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