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I Agree With Jesus’ Principles Though I May Not Be A Christian – Elon Musk

World’s richest man, founder of both Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk has been talking religion recently, and though he acknowledged he may not be as religiously inclined as others, he does agree with some of the teachings of Christianity.

The billionaire shared his agreement in some of the teachings of Jesus in a recent interview with the popular Christian satire site The Babylon Bee.

During the show Elon Musk was asked if he would accept Jesus Christ as his “personal Lord and Savior.”

Musk then interjected: “How come we’re doing the show on a Sunday? Why aren’t you heathens in church? God said don’t work on Sundays, OK. You guys are going straight to Hell for this one.”

The TV Host added “To make this Church, we’re wondering if you could do us a quick solid and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior?”

Musk said that he respects and agrees with “the principles that Jesus advocated,” such as forgiveness and “treating people as you wish to be treated.”

“Things like turn the other cheek are very important, as opposed to an eye for an eye. An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind,” Musk maintained.

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