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My Popularity In The US Is Because Of Years Of Hard Work And Sacrifice – Burna Boy

Nigerian musician, Burna boy looking back on his humble beginnings on to becoming a household name in Africa and even the United States, the African giant has attributed all his successes to years of hard work and sacrifices and not taking shortcuts.

Burna boy in an exclusive interview on CNN noted that his music is now a commodity in demand in the United States due to him biding his time and working hard at the same time.

He added that he had to start with performing at small events and small venues before gradually moving on to bigger and better events and venues, indicating that things haven’t always been as big as we see today.

“No shortcuts. I did. I’ve done pretty much every venue there is to do in America. You understand? I don’t think there is any venue you go to and you wouldn’t see my name somewhere You understand? That’s any venue that matters. And you know from the smallest to the biggest.”

“So it’s almost like when you plant something and you water it… And you already know it’s going to grow and you are going to get the fruits and stuff, you understand? So for me it’s just been that and you know… I’m glad to see that everybody is now following and saying that that’s the right way to go and now doing the same thing. I love the process. You understand? For me it’s like the more the process requires, the more stories I have to tell, you know. It’s all a blessing at the end of the day.”

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