Wendy Shay Has Some Advice For Upcoming Female Artistes

It does not come harder than being a female and trying to make it in a male dominated industry like our music industry in Ghana here so when you have someone like Wendy Shay who has been there and done that talking to you, you listen.

Wendy Shay come out with some advise for our upcoming artistes, especially the females who want to survive the industry on the dos and don’t if they truly make it with their music.

According to Wendy, as a upcoming industry, “come do ur thing the sky is big enuf 4 more stars” This is really sound advise especially looking at what we see in our industry today. Wendy Shay believes that as upcoming musicians you should concentrate on your craft and not pay too much attention to the growth of others.

Again she says to the upcoming artistes, “don’t be fooled by ur label”. Record labels tend to hook upcoming artistes into deals that do not benefit them with some even suffocating their growth, and Wendy says do all necessary due diligence before putting pen to paper on any deal.

Again Wendy who has been around for quite awhile has this message to the urchins, “Dropping hits every yr since 2018 ain’t a joke”. That’s right, it ain’t no joke so if you really want to be like her, dropping hit after hit each year, then you better up your game or leave.

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