1 Thessalonians 5:21

But test everything and hold fast what is good; those are the words of God in 1 Thessalonians 5:21.

There is a reason why that was said and a reason why we are admonished to not only listen to the word but also live the word.

Looking at our society today, this is the generation with the greatest sinners and yet we are also ‘blessed’ with the most number of men of God who seek to bring us closer to the Lord our God and save us from our transgressions.

There was a time before you call yourself a man of God, you must have proven yourself amongst the righteous and must be ready to live strictly by the tenets of the Holy Book.

Today however we have men of God popping up in our society by the second that we do no not know who or what to believe anymore us they preach something quite different from the other and yet they all claim to be from one God

Jesus himself said that there would be many false prophets after him. Are we seeing the false prophets he warned us about? Prophets who only see doom but never blessing. Prophets who preach against attachment to the world but are more worldly than their flock.

I am not here to judge anybody but to remind the flock that the truth can first be found in the Holy Book before any Bible or Quran or any other holy book. That is why we were told to test everything before taking it in.

Test it, ask questions of your man of God, compare his words, his actions to the word of God. Through that you will find the truth because I believe we may not have an excuse when we are asked why we allowed ourselves to be led astray by the false prophets when we had the truth (Holy Books) lying in our homes.

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