Checkout Davido’s New Banana Island Mansion

It is early 2022 and Nigerian big boy Davido is already showing the way on how to live large with his DOINGS, sparing no expense in acquiring a new mansion in Banana Island, Lagos State.

The mansion is truly a thing of beauty and befitting a musician the calibre of Davido who is comfortably one of the richest African musicians around.

Davido invited a few friends and family to the unveiling of his new mansion in the Banana Island, Lagos state. We were not afforded an inside view into the interior but looking at the exterior we can only imagine the plush, exotic and extravagant interior of the house. There is a swimming pool however which the artistes is sure to have friends come over for a swim.

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Davido has the money, does not shy away from spending on himself, but most importantly he is kind enough to let the less privileged also have a feel of the blessings God has given him.

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