Cristiano Ronaldo Looking To Abandon Ship At Manchester United

No matter how great the relationship with your ex was, never go back to him or her, after all there is a reason why he or she became an ex. Cristiano Ronaldo never had this advise, but you do, so make good use of it.

We are not midway into the season and the five time ballon d’or winner is already regretting rejoining former English club Manchester United in a reunion that was all well and good at the start but has turned sour in less than six months.

Ronaldo joined Manchester United from Juventus over the summer transfer window, and reports already have it that Ronaldo is looking to abandon ship and it is all dependent on the club’s next managerial appointment over the summer window as Ronaldo is keen on an appointment that can bring out his best and that of the team.

The world famous number 7 was in the news recently for labeling his return to Old Trafford as disappointing and now with news that he is looking to cut short his three year deal with Manchester United, which expires in 2023, it gives credence to my introductory message of not giving your ex a second chance.

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