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High Blood Pressure: The Silent Killer That Gets Away With Murder

Imagine how I felt when I walked into a hospital for a medical checkup as part of requirements for a job I had gotten and finding out my blood pressure is ‘border line hypertensive’, in the exact words of the doctor.

High blood pressure is not something usually associated with 25 year olds especially one who has no personal problems to worry too much about. At that exact moment I was told that I began to perspire, the doctor might have seen the worry etched on my face and went into damage control mode but the dye had already been cast, damage done.

Nobody explains a disease better than someone who has it or has had it and I know why. The moment I got home from the hospital, I went online, straight to google and typed, “high blood pressure, all you need to know”, if I am going to die I think I deserve to know who my slayer is, hopefully it will never come to that.

Reading about the silent killer, I began to pinpoint without being told what may be the reason behind my high blood pressure at such a relatively young age. I realised my lifestyle was a huge factor.

After service I can actually count the number of times I had actually left my room, not good! I was fond of eating late, again not good! Lack of physical activity, not good!

This factors worked together to ensure that my blood pressure continuously rose and if not for the by chance of me going to do a medical checkup, I might not have known until it was too late, that is why it is called a silent killer, it does not announce itself but goes straight to work, gradually chipping away at your body until there is nothing left to chip away.

I will not try to go into the technicalities of high blood pressure because I am no expert but from the little reading I have done and from personal experience, a blood pressure reading of above 130 is bad news depending on your age of course as your pressure rises marginally as you age.

Luckily for me, my readings is not where I need to be put on medications but I will share with you what my doctor advised I do to bring the reading down to ensure my body is functioning at its optimal level

Diet, This is number 1 because it is number 1. Eating healthy is very important to keeping your pressure at the right level. Cut out or eat less red meat, less of foods that contain cholesterol, sodium or salt should be reduced, yeah I think that is about it, Not bad right, well it could be worse.

Exercise. Giving your heart its daily workout out to ensure it remains fit to pump blood at the right levels and pressure without stressing is key. My doctor did not mention anything elaborate, he simply said I should try taking 30 minutes walk at least thrice a week.

Rest. Living comes with a lot of stress, from work, family to marriage or finance, or these things work against the body and for that reason it is important that the body is given its daily rest, minimum of six hours sleep daily to ensure it is ready to overcome whatever is thrown at it.

I think that is about it, and one last thing if you have not checked your blood pressure before please do and make it a point to check your pressure at last once a mouth to ensure you do not become the next victim of the world’s most notorious silent killer, high blood pressure.

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