If Nigerian Musicians Do Not Promote Our Music In Their Country, We Should Also Do Same And Stop Complaining – Epixode

Ghanaian dancehall musician Epixode has waded in on assertions Nigerians do not do enough to promote the music of Ghanaians in their country.

Speaking in an interview with GNA Entertainment, Epixode noted that the solution to the ongoing argument is rather quite simple and that if Nigerian artistes are not doing enough to promote Ghanaian music in their country, then Ghanaians should stop going all out for them too.

“If Nigerians don’t open their music space for Ghanaian artistes, we should also shut our music space.”

He also noted that it is quite ironic that we should cry foul because others do not promote our music, when we do not even support our own.

“Some Ghanaian artistes do not support each other, therefore there is no need complaining about lack of support from Nigerian artistes.”

“For me, it is not even a problem about Nigerians supporting our music. We can all witness the fact that Nigeria has built a strong music industry to dominate on the continent and even around the world. And it is not only in music but other creative arts sectors like film, comedy, among others.

“So if they are not opening their music space for us, then we might as well shut our music space. If they don’t book us for shows, we might as well not book them and we don’t need Nigerians to be the best at what we do.

“A typical example is with the East African music market who always support their own with the likes of Diamond Platnumz having massive numbers on various streaming platforms even better than top Nigerian artistes.

“The most important issue is how Ghanaian artistes support themselves because we don’t even support ourselves to the level where we need to complain about Nigerian support,” Epixode added.

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