You Owe Me 20% If You Are Making Hits Off Drills Because I Birthed It – Medikal

Medikal of the AMG has asserted that drill in Ghana is his brain child and as such any artistes making hits off his brain child owes him a 20% cut as drill originated from him in Ghana.

Medikal is credited for being the first musician to release a song when drills is involved in Ghana so there is truth when he claims the title of father to drills in Ghana there are some however who disagree with the musician for claiming h must be paid 20% by other musicians.

The musician asserted that because he is the father of drills in Ghana, any artistes who adopts his style and comes out with a hit automatically owes him 20% for adopting his style but many have disagreed with Medikal, reminding him that he has also been singing genres of others.

Some have even refuted Medikal’s claim of birthing drills in Ghana but that cannot be argued with as he is the first to release a song using drills in Ghana

Medikals wife, Fella Makafui made the news earlier today for her charity works after revealing her plans to pay the fees of 50-100 students this year.

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