Barcelona Defender, Gerard Pique Posts Payslip Online To Rubbish Suggestions He Is On €12m-A-Season Salary

We all know Spanish giants, Barcelona are in a financial bind at the moment and for that reason cannot afford to pay the salaries that have come to be expected of top tier European footballers.

So imagine the surprise when news broke that their longest serving player on the team, Gerard Pique was on a €12m-a-season after tax salary, not so much our surprise but that of Pique and his teammates who have had to agree to pay cuts to ensure the club was able to register new players before the season kicked-off.

A clearly aggrieved Pique took to social media to share his payslip with the entire world after Spanish television presenter, Lluis Canu commented that the defender was on a €12m-a-season after tax but Pique’s actually shows that the defender actually took home £1.94m after tax in the last six months of 2021.

Pique tweeted: ‘People like this are paid by public television to defend their friends. Here is 50% of my salary as of 30 December. Have a bit of respect for yourself.’

Barcelona star Gerard Pique posts his payslip on social media after reports emerged that he was the club

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