Empress Gifty Speaks On Her Love Story With Her Husband

Popular Ghanaian gospel musician, Mrs. Gifty Adorye otherwise known as Empress Gifty has given as an insight into the kind of woman she is, revealing that she does not like to rely financially on her man, preferring to make things happen for herself and that she believes is the reason her husband loves her so much.

Empress Gifty noted that her extravagant lifestyle coinciding with her husband being a politician has led many to believe that she is being bankrolled by her rich and powerful politician husband, a thought the gospel musicians says could not be further from the truth.

Speaking on the misconception about her, she noted that all that she has she worked hard for it and as luck would have it she met a man who understands her need to make her own money but was quick to add that she still finds time to keep her home while chasing after money.

“I am the type of woman who isn’t moved by money. If I love a man, I don’t want his money. Never! I am focused of keeping the home. All I need is freedom to work. I like to work for my own money and I don’t want to depend on a man. Because my husband has seen all this traits in me, he has given me the go-ahead to solely take charge of my ministry and he loves that about me. He really loves me because of this and that is my happiness,” she stated in a live video.

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