Have The Courage To Live Your Life – Omar Sterling With Some Early 2022 motivation For Fans

Omar Sterling of music duo R2bees, born Faisal Hakeem has popped up with some motivational words to keep his fans sturdy for what is predicted to be another challenging year ahead.

Omar sterling and his R2bees have been in the music industry for over a decade, winning many honours along the line and treating Ghanaians to some of the best music so he has earned the right to tell us what and what not to do if we want to achieve in life.

Taking to his twitter handle, the rapper encouraged his fans to have courage to face the obstacles life throws at them head on, encouraging them to live life and that life is best lived with experience which means doing away with the fear of making mistakes or failure. Sounds like good advise to me.

He tweeted, “Have the courage to live your life. Memorizing is not learning. You learn from direct experience so allow yourself to make mistakes”

In other news, Ghanaian dancehall musician, Jupiter has bemoaned the disrespect musicians like himself suffer at the hands of media houses as a stumbling block which stifles the growth of musicians and their music in the country.

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