Hassan Ayariga Confirms Big Boy Status With Purchase Of Brand New Lamborghini Aventador

When you hear the name Lamborghini Aventador, we are pretty sure what comes to mind is Cristiano Ronaldo or probably Floyd Mayweather or someone into sports but this time you better bring your mind back home as Lamborghini Aventador and Hassan Ayariga will share the same article today.

Hassan Ayariga, a Ghanaian accountant, entrepreneur, politician and founder of All People’s Congress (APC) is the latest Ghanaian to own the expensive Lamborghini Aventador sports car, not that they are many.

In a couple of photos shared online and duly sighted by yours truly, Standupgh.com, Hassan Ayariga is seen standing beside his latest new toy as we are given a close up view of both the exterior and interior of his latest ‘big man’ purchase.

A quick check by us on google showed the Lamborghini Aventador is sold at $393, 695, and when converted to our old currency, its equivalent is a whooping 24 billion old cedis and in excess of GHC2,000,000 new currency.

And while others have gone on to congratulate the politician on his purchase, others are not too pleased that he would spend such an amount of money on a care, whatever be the case it is money and he decides how he chooses to spend it.

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