Nigel Gaisie Concedes Defeat, Apologizes To Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong 1, Nigel Gaisie 0. The founder of the Prophetic Hill Chapel, Nigel Gaisie has issued what we would term an unqualified apology to Ghanaian lawmaker and member of parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, over comments he made against the MP, who had threatened to deal with him.

Kennedy Agyapong, an outspoken politician and never shy to get himself dirty in the media was not best pleased when the man of God peddled rumours about him suffering from stroke he was rather in the United States having a surgery to remove a computer-sized brain tumour that was found in his head.

Right after Kennedy Agyapong’s threat to deal with him, Nigel Gaisie took a defiant stand.

“I only did it to insult him. This is not me, and everybody who knows me knows that I am very gentle but on the 31st, I just wanted to insult him. Yes! Kennedy Agyapong, I won’t call him honourable because he is not honourable to me.

“He is insignificant to me in the realms of the spirit. This man told lies about me during the elections and I did not respond because God has instructed me to do certain things but Kennedy Agyapong that 2022 and beyond if he insults me, if he says one, I will say thousand”, he said

In what can now be only described as a spectacular retreat, the Man of God has mellowed in his previous defiant stance against the member of parliament and issued an apology and retracted his previous comments.

“I said yesterday that I will pray against you, I retract and apologize for all that harsh words but I was tired. Kennedy we love you and let’s talk. Stop attacking the church, because of you a lot of people are not going to church and it’s not good”

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