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Hajia4Real A Better Singer Than Beyonce – CJ Biggerman

Ghanaian rapper, Christian Joshua, popularly known as CJ Biggerman has taken the support your own to a whole new level as he has made a sensational claim that our very own Hajia4Real who recently strayed into music is a better vocalist that Black-American singer, Beyonce Knowles.

We do not know in what frame of mind CJ Biggerma was in to make such a pronouncement but it is had to believe that he came to this conclusion by listening to the few hit songs released by Hajia4Real who has adopted the name Mona4Real since venturing into showbiz.

There is no doubting the talent of Hajia4Real when it comes to singing as she has proved herself quite capable since venturing into music, with her first songs “Badder Than” and “God’s Child”, earning herself rave reviews and also capturing a fandom for herself.

But to come out and say that Hajia4Real is a better singer compared to Beyonce is a little bit far-fetched and almost bordering on the line of sensationalism but hey, it does show how high CJ Biggerman rates the abilities of Hajia4Real

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