I Miss You – Black Sherif’s JHS Girlfriend Comes Running Back Following His New Found Fame And Fortune

It is said that a man is loved on condition that he can provide and what we are about to gist you will go a long way to confirm that indeed only men with money are loved in today’s society.

Today when the name Black Sherif is mentioned, first and second sermons come to mind. But it wasn’t always like that for the fast-rising musician who must be still pinching himself at how quick he has risen in the Ghana music industry.

Funny thing is success has its way of bring back lost friends, family, and even relationships as Black Sherif is realizing. Black Sherif has had an old Junior High School mate pop up from hiding to celebrate how far he has come in life as she revealed it feels like it was only yesterday they were bench mates.

She shared of picture of herself and Black Sherif in their Junior High School days and added a beautiful caption underneath wishing her old friend well has he continues to live his dream.

She wrote; “Time flies in a twinkle of an eye. Looking at this picture brought me memories way back in JHS when you were my bench mate. Now look at you, chasing your dreams,making money and living life. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing you on tv and listening to you on radio.”

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