My Atta Adwoa Song Is Already Forgotten – Bosom Pyung

Bosom Pyung has come out with a sensational claim that there are some invisible and powerful forces at play in the Ghana music industry who are hell bent on erasing all his contributions made to the music industry.

In a recent social media post, the musician in talking about some of his fears expressed that the ease with which Ghanaians have forgotten him and his hit song, “Atta Adwoa” denies him of sleep at night.

He tweeted on his page, “Ghana fou like to forget atta Adwoa. Yall just wanna wipe me out of history. And at the same time when I go to interviews, u ask me it’s been a long time. Wtf”.

Some reactions his post generated.

@Sammy: “Wobr3 oo. Just get yourself a better songwriter na your isn’t that top buh you have good energy on songs and your flows just the lyrics a little wack.”

@vayisaac: “Bro just continue to do good music and associate yourself with the right people. We haven’t forgotten about you.. music with vibes.”

@koffi: “every day I go chop some women called AttaaAdwoa ein Gcb3,so I never forget the song ridee koraaa adey go”

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