Don’t Be Fooled By Social Media, Nobody Posts Their Failures – Yvonne Nelson

Celebrated Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Yvonne Nelson has spoken up on the fake lives people tend to live on the internet but that is not her problem. Her problem is the fact that our Ghanaian youth are taken in by the fake lives other people display on social media and rush into doing things to also feel among

Speaking on the issue, the actress has cautioned Ghanaian youth to be mindful of what they believe on social media as often times what is shown on social media is far from reality so they should not feel pressured by the flashy lifestyles others live on social media.

She took to her twitter handle to share this piece of advise with the youth, promoting hard work and patience rather than looking to cut corners, which can get you into trouble when it contravenes with the tenets of the law.

She tweeted, “Don’t let the internet RUSH you… one is posting their failures.”

Earlier, MzVee also came out to caution the youth on the need to sometimes pull the breaks on their dealings and assess the situation before forging one. It is therefore refreshing to see our celebrities who are role models to may Ghanaian youths coming out to advise us on good ways to live our lives. Thank you.

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