My Wigs Alone Cost GHC17,000 – East Legon Landlady Tracey Boakye Back To Default Mode

Some habits die hard or never die at all and our East Legon landlady, Tracey Boakye’s bragging habit seems to be one that is ingrained in the very fibre of her existence.

She started the year so well, getting on the good side of Ghanaians to the point we even sang her praises for extending her goodwill to her children’s nanny when the family was to take a vacation to Germany, as she took the nanny along

That is not all, from all indications the praises Ghanaians sang of her made her feel good considering she is often time criticized, so she went on further to hear a little bit more praise of herself. In Germany, she shared post of the family in Germany with the nanny and shown appreciation to the nanny in her caption of the photo.

But like they say, a cheetah can never shed its spots and though Tracey Boakye is no cheetah and definitely has no spots, she just cannot stop bragging.

In a video sighted by, the East Legon landlady in an interview with zionfelix bragged about her wigs costing in excess of GHC17,000 and went on and on talk about the various colors of wigs she has, a visibly bored Zionfelix quickly changed the topic to talk about more important things.

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