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Till Death Do Us Part Is A Long Time To Spend With The Wrong Person

Marriage is a good thing. I would advise everybody to marry but with the right person, though I accept marriage is not the cup of tea for everyone.

In our part of the world where marriage is seen as some sort of achievement or competition, one can sometimes feel pressured into settling down even when that person is not ready mentally or even financially.

A lot of the pressure is directed towards our ladies who begin to suffer the usual inquest of ‘when are you getting married’ once they hit that ‘ripe’ age of 25 and still staying in their father’s house.

For the men, we are given a little grace period, though we do not find it easy too as the moment you find yourself working for a year or two, the question of when are you settling down begins to pop up left right centre, I should know because I suffer it.

But the problem is “till death do us apart” is such a long time to spend with the wrong person so you cannot afford to be pressured to the point of doing something you are not ready for.

The thing about marriage is that those who push you into it are not there to see what they have pushed you into. Even when you come crying to them of the suffering you are going through, they speak to you about having patience and perseverance after all, “that is what marriage is about” or the “she will change”, “he will change” slogan

Unfortunately he or she never changes. Sometimes he or she even gets worse and you have no one to talk to or suffer it with so you keep quiet and endure like they advise you to.

Though no one goes into marriage thinking of divorce it is always going to be an option in an unhappy marriage so to my married sisters and brothers who find themselves in unhappy or abusive marriages and the likes, do not stay in there ‘because of the children’. Such marriages are not even right for children to grow in.

There is also no shame in being ‘old’ and unmarried so do not let anyone make you feel otherwise. Marriage is a good thing but till death do us part is a long time to spend with the wrong person.