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Cristiano Ronaldo Reveals What Ralf Ragnick Needs To Be A Success In Manchester

Cristiano Ronaldo is a believer of Ralf Ragnick and his 4-2-2-2 formation, insisting that the German coach will come out good in the end but what he needs to ensure that is time, something which is a rear commodity in modern football.

The German came in as a sort of Messiah to save the people from damnation but the saving of the downfall Old Trafford has been slow with some even arguing that the team has gotten even worse since the famed German took over the reigns from Ole Gunner Solksjaer at Old Trafford.

Ragnick has expressed worry that he may not have the time or influence to change the fortunes of Manchester United with his interim manager role coming to an end this May

But he has received a vote of confidence from the club’s biggest player, Cristiano Ronaldo, who insist the German manager needs time to implement his ideas at the club.

“Since he arrived five weeks ago he changed many things. But he needs time to put his ideas across to the players,” Ronaldo said

“It takes time but I believe that he is going to do a good job. We know we aren’t playing the best football but we have many games to improve.

“Since he arrived I think in some points we are better, but he needs time. It’s not that easy to change the mentality of players and the way they play, the culture, the system like that. I believe that he is going to do a good job.

“We have to stay together. We are in the same boat. We have to believe that it’s all possible, and we have a long way to change. But we are going to have a good season.”

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