Ghana Style Is Finished – Edem Says As Ghana Producer Calls To Work With Nigerian Beats

Ghanaian rapper Edem has made a comment on twitter which many have taken as a joke but if it proves to be true could be a real reflection of how far behind the Ghanaian music is when compared to its counterparts in Africa, most especially our brothers in Nigeria
So according to the ‘ayigbe’ rapper, he was called by a Ghanaian producer to work with him and the producer was proud enough to let Edem know that he had all the latest ‘Nigerian style of beats’. The rapper in making his submission noted that Ghana is indeed far behind as he revealed that ‘Ghana style finish ooo yiee’
He took to twitter to share his experience of how Ghanaian music industry stakeholders are themselves setting up the industry to fail, he tweeted, “A ghana producer just called me. He said I want to work with you and I have all the Nigerian style of beat”…Ghana style finish ooo yieee”
His comments come at a time when the two music industries are at loggerheads with each other with Ghanaian artistes accusing their Nigerian counterparts of not doing enough to promote their music in Nigeria, but here is the case they themselves do not do enough to promote their own music in their own country.

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