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Sony To Address PS5 Shortage With An Increase Production Of PS4

I don’t know how this would sound to you but instead of Sony addressing its PS5 shortage with more production of PS5 game consoles it has decided to address the shortage by increasing production of the PS4.

Its been over a year since Sony launched the PS5 it is still a strenuous venture to try getting ones hand on Sony’s flagship console. And to solve that problem Sony deems it best to produce more PS4s rather than the PS5 that people are struggling to get their hands on.

Reports from Bloomberg suggest that Sony intended to end production of the PS4 last year, plans which have since been officially denied by the company. However with the latest development of a shortage of chips used to produce its PS5 the tech company are seriously reconsidering their previous plans. Components for the PS4 are more available and less expensive for Sony to produce and for customers to buy. Due to the underlying conditions, Sony is considering producing PS4s throughout the year.

But analyst have questioned the rationale behind Sony’s plans over whether there is a demand for the PS4s but Sony seems to believe so. According to a spokesperson, “It is one of the best-selling consoles ever and there is always crossover between generations.”

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