Kanye West Reveals He Was Denied Access To His Kids By Kim’s Security

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian continue with the processes to finalize their divorce but their relationship appears to turn even sour by the day as reports say Kanye West was denied access to his children right at the gate of Kim’s mansion as he went to visit their children at her house.

A clearly infuriated Kanye West now known as Ye after completing his name change, made it clear that ‘no security’ is going to deny him access to his children as his divorce process with his ex churns on.

Speaking in an interview with Hollywood podcast, the music star revealed he was denied entry into Kim’s home on Monday when he went to take the kids to school, adding that he thought maybe Kim’s new found love was around which could be why he was denied entry.

Kanye said: “Earlier this week, Monday, when I went to go pick my kids up from [sic] school, the security stopped me at the gate. So at that point, security was in between me and my children and that’s what was not going to happen.”

Kanye added that to not create a scene he decided to just take the kids to school and bring them back home and when eldest child North asked him to come in, he told her he was unable to.

He added: “My daughter wanted me to go inside. I was like, I am the richest Black man and North’s father, right, and the security was able to stop me from going into the room with my daughter and that had not been defined.

“And I am hearing that the new boyfriend is actually in the house that I can’t even go to.”

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