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Promote Your Songs On Tiktok; Asantewaa Tells Ghanaian Musicians.

Popular Ghanaian Tiktok star Asantewaa has advised Ghanaian musicians to utilise the popular app when promoting their music. She stated that TikTok was currently the most popular app and entreated the musicians to make good use of it. The social media celebrity has over 1.9 million followers on the popular app, with more than 50 million likes to her credit. In an interview on Utv’s United Showbiz, Asantewaa emphasised that the craft and talent alone could not sell unless it was promoted on the app. “If you are an artist, your craft doesn’t matter again. Until you pay TikTokers to promote your song, you will be singing it alone,” she said.

She explained that Tiktok had become the new trend, filled with many business opportunities. She revealed that companies had engaged her to advertise their products while using the app. She also encouraged musicians in the country to contact TikTokers to help promote their songs as it was the only way it would reach the masses. “When you drop a song now, it is not about your craft unless you bring it to us; if not, you will have to sing your song. “We are the board of directors, you have to bring it to us,” Asantewaa claimed.

But others have disagreed with Asantewaa’s assertion of the app for music promotion. Popular Ghanaian musician, Gyakie explained that although the app helped promote songs, it did not guarantee the song’s longevity. She admitted that the song helped her ‘Forever’ songs exposure to a bigger market, but she stated that the song’s longevity depended on the song itself. I think the longevity of a song depends on the song,” Gyakie said.

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