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US Embassy Rejects Medikal’s Visa Application

The American Embassy refused Ghanaian Rapper Medikal a visa on Tuesday. The Rapper was denied a visa on the grounds of his gun case. Medikal was not the only person to be refused a visa, according to sources close to the issue, the rapper’s label mate, Armani, was also denied a visa the same day. Reports suggest that Medikal had already been at the embassy earlier to undertake an interview for purposes of travelling. Medikal and his team were not the only celebrities at the Embassy on Tuesday. Popular Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie was also spotted at the premises of the American Embassy together with his family. Sarkodie was seen with his wife and daughter at the immigration section, where American citizen services were granted.

Medikal was arrested in 2021 after brandishing a pistol in a video he posted online. In the video, the Rapper is seen displaying a rugger 9mm handheld pistol. He was remanded into prison custody for five days by an Accra Circuit court in October 2021. The Rapper pleaded not to guilt on charges of displaying arms and ammunition. Medikal was granted a GHC100,000 bail before his final conviction in February this year. He amended his earlier not guilty plea to admitting guilt, thereby reducing his punishment. The circuit court sentenced him to 300 penalty units, a total of GHC3,600 in fines.
Medikal’s situation comes just days after America recorded another deadly school shooting in Texas last month. The incident claimed the lives of 19 children and two adults. Issues of gun legislation and controls have become a heated discussion in the US. Many are calling for stricter gun control laws and enforcement.

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