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Fresh Violent Clashes In Libya’s Capital, Tripoli Amid Fears Of Full-Blown Civil War

Bloody clashes have erupted in the capital city of Libya amidst fears of a new civil war.

Deadly clashes have hit the city of Tripoli, Libya’s capital, by armed militias backed by its two rival administrations. The situation has resurrected fears of a new civil War after a relatively long political peace and stability within the country. According to the country’s ministry of health, At least 13 people have been killed and over 95 wounded, while some 65 families have been evacuated to safer places within the city and beyond.

Libya has enjoyed relative stability in the last two years after the country was plunged into a long civil war after a NATO-backed uprising toppled and killed long-time autocrat Moammar Gadhafi in 2011. And if the fighting is sustained over the control of the government, a full-blown war could consume the country after two years of comparative peace, which led to an abortive political process aimed at holding national elections.

In 2019, eastern commander Khalifa Haftar led a militia force to take control of the governance of the country. Although their operations were relatively successful, they fell short after the Turkish government came to the aid of the interim government. The clashes reached a stalemate, and the U.N.-backed peace process began, and a final truce has been in place till now.

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